May 10, 2020

SCP containment breach download for Windows

By Caleb Rhodes

Have you always been fascinated by the abnormal and superficial world? Are supernatural activities always your thrill drive? So, intending to satiate your curiosity comes up with the amazing SCP Containment Breach game. It is a whole dose game designed to get inspired by the supernatural stories of the SCP website. This game has a 3D UI/UX to make you feel that you are living one of the supernatural moments. It is an Indie game developed by Joonas Raikkonen and is available as an open and free source to download and get the thrill of the game.

The paranormal activities of the game keep the players intact in playing and also make them experience the real thrill as the game is prevalent in 3D format. It is a first-person perspective game, and its main objective is to escape from the underground research containment facility. The game brings on thrill by adding numerous elements in it to keep the gamers engaged and thrilled.

The player controls a hypothetical character named “Benjamin Oliver Walker,” who is a former 4 senior researcher and was caught experimenting with authorized research on the anomalous property and has been kept isolated. He is trying to escape the isolation, which is the underground research and containment facility of the SCP foundation. During the process of escape, he breeches the containment code of the SCP foundations.if he/she refuses to leave his/her cell in the game, they will be suffocated with poisonous gas.

The whole plot of the game revolves around SCP foundations and paranormal activities. At the beginning of the game, several containment sites of the SCP foundations are attacked by some unauthorized elements, which can also be termed as paranormal elements. During the course of the game, players can find several tools that include Gas Mask, numerous electronic devices, operating locker doors, key cards, etc

The highlights are the random occurrences in the rooms and offices in the game, which act like a total surprise element for the player. SCP Containment Breach is originally based on SCP horror game of 2012 which was developed by the Undertown Developers

The game ensures that each match you feel new fear and thrill. The battle for survival will be ruthless. And how cool it is to see armed scientists in a game which is generally impossible!

Features  of the SCP containment breach

  • Graphics: Since the game is based on horror stories, the graphics truly justify it.
  • Open and Free source: Due to it being an open and free source, it attracts gamers from all across the world.
  • New concept: This game is accompanied by a truly new and quite engaging concept. Thus, it has already gained much popularity at present.
  • Surprise elements: The plethora of randomly generated rooms, offices, and space serve as the surprising elements for the gamers indulged in enjoying it.
  • High on reviews: the game has already received a bunch of positive reviews for its concept

System requirements to download SCP containment breach with you

  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP 1; 64-bit
  • Processor: core i3
  • Memory: 3GB RAM
  • Graphics:  GEFORCE GT720 1GB; DX 11 required; Intel Graphics not supported
  • Software: MSI AfterBurner
  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

How to download the SCP containment breach?

Downloading this game is not at all a hassle-packed activity. You have to follow the below mentioned easy steps, and you would be able to download it with no issues.

  1. Below is the direct link to download the game
  2. The game gets downloaded in the ZIP format. You need to extract all the files and follow all the instructions.
  3. After you have extracted the file, go to the game folder and click on the “SCP- CONTAINMENT BREACH FILE  EXE” to play the game.